Adobe Stones

Adobe Stones, a company which is the leading manufacturer and exporter of a variety of stones and stones products. Stones are integral part of the human civilization & play pivoted role in the shaping establishment. We cater to diverse demand of our clients in India and all across the globe by offering quality stone products relentlessly. Our stones have remarkable presence in the field of internal & external decoration. Our precise quality standards and remarkable selection of textures, colours, and finishes helps to renovate the imaginative designs to life.

With our proactive and progressive approach, we have been continuously directing ahead as the well-known market leader in the field of stones with the aegis of young, dynamic, and enthusiastic entrepreneurs..

All our stones are categorized by elegant designs, exotic style, and graceful finish. We provide an array of quality stone products which are adaptable for internal flooring, walls, hard landscaping applications, and outdoor designs.

Adobe Stones has ‘n’ numbers of quarries of Limestone, Sandstone, Porphyry, Granite, and Basalt. We have elaborate manufacturing units as well. With our production units in India, we tremendously expand our presence in various different parts of the globe like Europe, Italy, France, Australia, UAE, Canada, etc. Mosaics, Stone Crafts, & Murals are some of the final outcomes of our craftsmanship, which are decorative & robust mode of offering life & uniqueness to a place.